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1.)If the kittens are priced much lower than they should be, ($2000 avg) then it's probably a scam, or the breeder is most likely a BYB (back yard breeder) and is not doing the necessary things like testing and thorough vetting.

2.)Ask for the TICA number and name of the Cattery of the person you are buying from and contact TICA to make sure the cattery is registered with them. Confirm the cattery address and email address TICA has for the breeder match the address of the person you are corresponding with/sending money to.

3.)If seller does not have any contact information other than email, chances are they are a scammer.

4.)If seller cannot answer direct questions about the cats AND the breed in general, chances are they are a scammer. Ask lots of questions and be sure you're breeder is knowledgeable about the breed. Not only will this help to rule out scammers but it will help you to find a breeder who cares enough about the breed and the cats they breed. Be wary if the breeder cannot have a direct conversation with you about the cats, and they take too much time to respond to each question. They may be searching for answers before they respond. I usually ALWAYS will speak to a customer over the phone, and I will absolutely have a direct conversation with you over text or through my messenger on my facebook page or my IG account. (facebook is Top Gun Bengals and IG acc is topgunbengalscc)

5.)Scammers usually never use registered names of studs and queens or the registration numbers for those (parent cats) on their site because it is too easy to trace registered names and registration numbers back to real owners. Ask for registered names and numbers for all adult breeder cats of the kittens you are buying. Then confirm with TICA that those cats belong to the person you are sending money to.

6.)If the seller refuses to let you come see the kittens in person or over facetime and insists on a delivery, chances are they are a scammer and they have no actual kittens to sell.

7.)If seller will not let you use any form of payment other than a form of payment that cannot be disputed if you don't get a kitten, chances are they are a scammer.

8.) Look for inconsistent quality with the kittens. Also if the pictures show different looking cattery settings in the different pics of the different kittens, chances are, the pics were stolen from multiple breeders.

Please be aware that scammers are getting better and better looking websites. There is a new scammer that has a professional looking website, is using OUR photos and is paying for google advertising! That site comes up at the top of the search engine for bengal kittens. Please go to the IPATA link for info on current pet scammers that involve shipping.

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